Why I Created This Website?

Jamal Assker Hamood Al-Hashedi.

I’m Information Technology Engineer.

I studied in Syria for four years but I had to return to my country  because of the war crisis back then

I’m married but not have kids yet.

I work at telecommunication company and I love my job not much but it relieves me from daily pressures and help me connect with people I truly love.

My parents still live and I hope for them better happy long life.

I have 3 brothers and 6 sisters .

I love as hobbies:

  • Reading
  • Graphic design
  • Wild Animals.
  • Love electronics and fix them.

I created this site about laptops cuz first, I love electronics in general and laptops in special. Also, I had some problems in the past when I first purchased my first laptop so I learned a lot in the process that leads me  to decide to help people willing to buy a new laptop choose the best laptop possible with the right price.

So I make sure to give very detailed and extensive guide with all the information needed .